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ImmunoInformatics is an open access cross-disciplinary journal committed to publishing cutting edge research in all aspects of immunoinformatics and computational immunology; from core methodological approaches to translational applications both for academic and industrial researchers. ImmunoInformatics is an international journal publishing peer reviewed research which sits at the interface between computer science, physics, mathematics, and experimental immunology. The journal welcomes theoretical contributions which provide a deeper understanding of the field while also covering practical aspects with contributions on advances and applications in clinical medicine.



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ImmunoInformatics is seeking proposals for special issue topics

Special issues should be well-aligned with contemporary research paradigms on the interface of experimental immunology and computation. In these special issues, we welcome the submission of research articles/letters, reviews, tutorial articles, software articles, perspectives, and commentaries targeting core research questions.

General topics of interest for such special issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine/deep learning methods for immunological datasets.
  • Data integration approaches to immunology.
  • Mathematical and computational modelling in immunology.
  • Systems biology approaches in immunology.
  • Single-cell approaches to immune profiling.
  • Computational methods for vaccine design.
  • Computational methods in tumor immunology.
  • Computational image analysis and cancer immunobiology.
  • Multi-omics approaches in immunology.
  • Systems immunology through data-driven statistical analysis.
  • Computational immunology approaches driven by mechanistic insights.
  • Quantitative and molecular-level profiling of immune repertoires.
  • Computational approaches to antibody and antigen design.
  • Immune computation: algorithms and applications.

The aforementioned topics can be tailored to more specific themes that can explore current research areas of interest. It is important to note that special issue topics should be oriented to immunological research or have a substantial immunological component.

If you have a topic for a special issue which meets the criteria above please send it to the journal’s editors via this submission portal. The site is a publisher’s own website for managing special issues across journals and full instruction is given within the site to guide you through your proposal. However, further information can also be found here including a template to help you prepare your proposal. Following initial publisher review, your proposal will be assessed by the journal editors.

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Meet the Editors

Dr. Niels Halama, MD, Editor-in-Chief

German Cancer Research Center Division of Translational Immunotherapy, Heidelberg, German
Medical oncology, tumor immunology, computational biomedicine

Dr. Doron Levy, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

University of Maryland at College Park Department of Mathematics, College Park, Maryland, United States
Mathematical Modeling of BioMedical Systems, Cancer dynamics, Applied partial differential equations, Applied dynamical systems, Numerical Analysis

Dr. Nektarios A. Valous, PhD, Handling Editor

German Cancer Research Center, Applied Tumor Immunity Clinical Cooperation Unit, Heidelberg, Germany
Computational image analysis, computational biomedicine, interdisciplinary physics